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T 30

T30 camera brochure

A compact camera, very robust and of high precision, supplied with a Silvestri bayonet mount for mounting Rodenstock & Schneider lenses. The versatility, agility and ease of focusing this camera makes outside work easier and faster.

30mm of vertical shift with a micrometric self-locking system. Capable of top-bottom overturn, with incorporated rapid connection.

Basic format 6x7-6x9, Graflock-type connection, rapid hook connection to the focusing ring at 4. 8 degrees of rotation, click stop every 90 degrees, format availability through 360 degrees without discontinuity.

Total block lever on the focusing ring to allow back substitution. Interchangeable backs available, in the 6x12cm and the 4x5" format.


A plentiful selection of Schneider and Rodenstock lenses from 35mm to 150mm and a well-furnished series of accessories to meet all needs completes the versatility of the system.

Table for use with Rodenstock lenses and backs
Table for use with Schneider lenses and backs
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