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T 30


offset ring



shiftable ring

The extension rings are used to adjust the different lengths of the lenses.

The rings n.1 and n.2 are also available in the 10mm offset and in the shiftable 15+15mm versions, which are useful to increase the rise or to combine the rise with the side shift movement.

View the following combination tables to select the right extension ring:


Table for use with Rodenstock lenses, rings & backs

Table for use with Schneider lenses, rings & backs



Focusing bellow for lenses over 100mm (for back focusing)

code 5000




code 4090 6x7/9 Format Back with Ground Glass, Graflock-type connection.

code 4047 6x12 Format Back with Ground Glass and Magnifying Glass in Bellow included

Roll-film Holders



code 6020 Horseman Rollfilm holder 6x7/120

code 6040 Horseman Rollfilm holder 6x9/120


code 6070 Horseman Rollfilm holder 6x12/120 (modified)

4040 4x5" Back with Fresnel Lens for 75mm
4045 4x5" Back with Fresnel Lens for 65mm
4046 4x5" Back with Fresnel Lens for 47XL
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