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Viewing devices for film backs

code 5030 Adjustable Reflex Viewer 6x9cm
code 5010 Magnifying glass in bellow for 6x9cm
code 5020 Magnifying Glass in Bellow 6x12cm
code 1145 Magnifying Glass in Bellow for 4x5"


Shift Viewfinder


In certain occasions this type of viewfinder simplifies working and helps in making the compostion process faster. A series of format frames are available for specific lenses. The viewfinder has an adjustment option to move the format frame to simulate the 15-0-15mm shift movement.

code 1080B

Viewfinder Frames for analogue lenses...


120° Viewfinder


A high quality and excellent correction viewfinder, with a large field angle, very useful for the new super wide angle lenses. A very precise roof-style level is visible in the viewfinder. Interchangeable format screens are on release, with vertical-horizontal overturn.

code 0900

Viewfinder Masks for analogue lenses...

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