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...'Small lightweight and good quality construction with plenty of rise and fall'...




Bicam fills the gap I decided to buy the Bicam after the Rodenstock 28mm HR became available. I use a Mamiya 645AFD with Phase one P45. It is a wonderful combination for all but wide angle work. The Bicam has filled the gap perfectly.
Facing a hi stress job In January 2007 I was chief photographer for "Thailand, Nine Days in the Kingdom" a p© McLeodroject which saw 55 photographers from around the world come together to produce a book to commemorate the King's 80th birthday in December 2007 ( ).I was born and educated (Chemistry!) in England. In 1984 I moved to Japan where I started to photograph underground theatre. During the late 80's I worked for many glossy Japanese magazines and also colour supplements in UK and US. In 1992 I moved to Thailand and established my company"Lantern Photography". We now provide high end interior and architectural photography for the hospitality and construction industries. I also contribute regularly to © McLeodArchitectural Digest (US Edition). An English man in Thailand My Bicam had just emerged from 6 weeks in Thai customs and I needed to use it to shoot the whole group of photographers. Very hi stress job, it is not everyday one gets to shoot a group including Greg Gorman, Steve McCurry and GueorguiPinkhassov to name but a few.Not an easy group to please I had never used the Bicam before but I needed very high resolution (the picture will be blown up for exhibition when the book is launched) and wide angle as I had chosen the roof of a very narrow skyscraper and I wanted to be able to see the view off both sides of the building with the photographers in the middle. We had also hoped to get Yann Arthus Bertrand in the sky above the group but a technicalproblem stranded him at the airport. © McLeodThankfully the camera performed perfectly and everyone is happy with the picture (not an easy group to please!).

I am delighted with the performance of the camera and I am now considering which lenses to add next.




by Photographer Robert McLeod, owner of Lantern Photography, Thailand

Robert McLeod


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